Life Coaching vs. Success Coaching


What is the difference between success coaching and life coaching?

Well, let's start with the official word from the International Coach Federation (ICF), which defines coaching as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."

Labels like Business, Career, Executive and Life coach will often describe either the type of client, or the specific area in which the coach prefers to work.

Success is a label I like to use as I work with people who are looking for more success in their life.

For me and my clients, "success" is less about what they are doing, and more about who they are BE-ing. I love working with individuals that are ready to step things up to the next level, to play a bigger game, to breakthrough to even greater success than they’ve already achieved.  

I believe that the coaching partnership is a powerful tool used to produce results and support clients in transforming all areas of their life. I have been trained as an Ontological Coach (see What is Ontological Coaching?), which basically means that I'm trained to impact my clients on a much deeper, human level... one that supersedes a role or profession.

Clients have sought out my services when they needed to find new jobs, switch careers, realize their true purpose, find better balance and more happiness, start a new business, transform into a healthier version of themselves, and also when the goal is to build relationships.  

Kelly came to me with three specific areas she wanted to focus on;  1. gaining understanding and clarity on her higher purpose and who she truly is, 2. identifying and realizing next steps for her career, and 3. improving her relationships with her husband and son. As we began uncovering the stories and self-limiting beliefs that had been keeping Kelly from realizing her true potential, she was able to see clearly who she was being and not being, and whether she was actually choiceful in that being. Then we set out to remove the patterns and barriers that were keeping her stuck doing the same things and getting the same results. 

Kelly realized her true power through all the practices, exercises and structures we put in place through our sessions, which allowed her to remove the automatic actions and replace them with commitment and intentions. At the end of our first four months together, she had completed two of her three projects fully and was "in process" with the third.  Feeling "accomplished, grounded, and loving her new found awareness" (to use her words), she identified even more possibilities for each project and has started the next phase of her journey, realizing so much more is possible.

What area of your life are you wanting to experience more success?

Wherever you are looking for more fulfillment, happiness, balance and overall success in your life, we will first explore, and then expand and evolve who you are being.  Whether it’s in your wealth, health, career or relationships, hiring a coach can create powerful shifts that support the achievement of your goals in a powerful and lasting way.  

Let me know about any gaps you'd like to fill here and we'll set up a complimentary Discovery Session to explore your possibilities!




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