Declarations vs. Affirmations


So what is a declaration?

It’s like an affirmation, right?  


A declaration is much stronger and much more powerful than a simple affirmation.

An affirmation is stated as who you “think you are not, but who you hope to be.”  

Not much power or access to power there.   


It’s basically putting a positive thought overtop a self-doubting, self-limiting, negative belief, often based on how it’s gone in the past.  

It’s sort of like putting a clean tablecloth over a table piled with dirty dishes, you may be eating on what appears clean and new, but there’s still a mess underneath to deal with.  

A declaration, however, is a powerful statement of what you want to create.  

It’s a commitment to a specific result.   


Think of it like placing your order for lunch.  The waiter comes to take your order and you say, “I’ll have the kale and quinoa salad with salmon.”  

You are placing the order of what you will have in your future, you may not know exactly how, the salmon and kale will get on the plate, but you know your future (specifically today, for lunch) that salad will be in your life.  

You are being intentional about what is coming, as opposed to saying, “just bring whatever.”  You are stating what you want and when you want it by, we call it a “what by when.”

Declarations are made with the intention of upleveling your experience while creating and achieving the intended result.

A declaration is all about, from right here and now, clearing all the dishes away and starting with a fresh new table, I declare this is how it will go, this is what I will create, what I will have in my life.  

It’s not a wish or hope or a maybe thought.


It is truly your life by intention.  

Oh, and one more important thing about declarations, the true power lies in the declaration itself.  

So, let’s make choices, commit to a specific result and/or intended experience and let’s declare it to the world.  

Even if you don’t see the “how” now, remember, if you declare nothing, you create nothing.

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beth marhefka